This is the website in progress for my research course The Modernist Poetics of Federico García Lorca at the University of Louisiana, Lafayette. We will read Poet in New York, Diván del Tamarit, Así que pasen cinco años, Play without a title and El público, and annotate some of his lectures and manifestos.

What are modernist poetics? What makes García Lorca a major European modernist? Who were his Spanish contemporaries? These are some of the questions our annotation project will help us answer.

Students who have not read El poema del cante jondo, Romancero gitano and the trilogy Yerma, Bodas de sangre, and La casa de Bernarda Alba may do so. Others may want to investigate the earliest poems or some additional theatre.

The image here is of the Presidio in Santa Barbara, California, my home town, where I first read Lorca. This course is generously funded by the UL Lafayette Undergraduate Research Council and the Friends of the Humanities.

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